Founded in 1995, the Franco-Romanian Law College of European Studies is the result of a scientific partnership between the University of Bucharest’s Law School  and a consortium of 14 French universities led by Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne . The Law College offers courses in Law with a focus on comparative, European and international Law (especially Business Law).

It delivers Paris I Sorbonne’s and Bucharest’s diplomas in Law (LL.B, Masters degrees in European and International Law, and PhD).


A long tradition

In 1864, after adopting the Commercial Code and the Penal Code, Romania adopted the French Civil Code in the enthusiasm of the francophone and francophile elite. This is thus without any political or military domination that French Law is then imposed on the Romanian territory : it is merely the result of a profound cultural influence, certainly facilitated by a common legal heritage inherited from Roman law. Since then, France and Romania share the same approach of legal issues and state institutions. The links between French and Romanian lawyers therefore date back a long time, causing naturally an extremely rich academic cooperation, especially between the Paris Law School and the Bucharest Law School. Many Romanian students were coming to the French capital for further training and were then returning home preserving a special relationship with France and the comrades encountered on the French Law School benches. Sarmiza D. Bîlcescu is the most famous symbol of this extraordinary period : in 1890, she became the first woman to hold a Doctorate in Law (PhD), for her thesis at the Paris Law School ; when she returned to Bucharest, she became the first female lawyer in Europe.


The Sorbonne in Bucharest

Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University and the University of Bucharest, with the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, Research and Professional Integration, create in 1994, in Bucharest, the "Franco-Romanian Institute of Business Law and International Cooperation Nicolae Titulescu - Henri Capitant”. The Institute offered a one year postgraduate training for young Romanian graduates in law or economics and for more experienced lawyers. It issued a degree in Business Law from Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and the University of Bucharest Law School.

The success was immediate, and it was decided to create a four years French curricula for Romanian students in Bucharest: in September 1995, the Franco-Romanian Law College of European Studies opened its doors: double L. LB degrees from the University of Bucharest and the Sorbonne began, three years later, to be delivered..

In 2005, the one year program offered by the Institute was replaced by a double Master’s degree in European and International Business Law (Bucharest – Sorbonne), delivered by the Law College.

Officer of the Romanian Cultural Merit Order

The Law College remains a very well-known institution, praised for the quality of its "French way of teaching”.

After the President of the Republic of Romania made the Law College Knight of the National Cultural Merit Order in 2009, the Law College has been again awarded by the President of Romania, in 2015, as a recognition of the fact that the College became a center of academic excellence, combining research and research training:  the College was then made Officer of the Cultural Merit Order, class H "scientific research".

Faculty of Law of UNIBUC French Foreign Office Université Paris I La Sorbonne

Created in 1995
Officer of the Cultural Merit Order
of the Republic of Romania

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